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May 22nd, 2012

The exploration of Northern Ireland will now commence, directly after breakfast. Best thing about a bed and breakfast? Yup you guessed it. A full Irish breakfast. Egg, bacon, sausage, yummy bread like somethings and Nicole's leftovers! We will be getting picked up today by McCombs luxury tour busses for a tour of the giants causeway. I'm particularly curious about how much I will like northern Ireland and this tour will determine that. 

Leaving the tour station, we first drive to Carrickfergus castle. This will be Nicole's first experience with a real life fortress. It's quite a large castle sitting on the edge of the water. It's really cool because it looks just like a castle out of Robin Hood or something like that. Unfortunately we only get ten minutes here which is a huge disappointment. We really wanted to go in. Our next stop was in a little village, I believe it was called Larne. This is a fishing village that also happens to have the building that Sir Winston Churchill used as a summer home. It is now an inn and pub. We took some picture of the cool little boats in the tiny cove. The next stop was actually really cool. We stopped at the worlds first licensed distillery. Bushmills is the name of the place and it was so awesome! It was licensed in 1608 and had several of the old original buildings still used today. We actually stopped here for a bite to eat. I had some super yummy Irish stew and Nicole had the steak and Guinness pie. I tried it and it was twice as good as my stew. From here it was only a five minute drive to the causeway. For those that don't know about the giant's causeway I will tell you. The story goes that an Irish giant by the name of Flynn McCool had a rival in Scotland. He had never seen this rival giant but he would stand on the coast and bellow vows of battle and victory across the gap to Scotland. Finally he decided to build a bridge across that gap to once and for all vanquish his foe. He gathered these huge six sided pillars of rock and built the causeway to Scotland. Once he reached the other side he searched for his enemy. He came upon the Scottish giant asleep and trembled at the knees, for the Scottish giant was twice the size of himself. Flynn ran home to his wife as fast as he could and told her what he had seen. They were both afraid that the Scottish giant would soon cross the causeway and defeat Flynn. Being a smart woman, Flynn's wife dressed him up as a baby and put him at the front door. No sooner had she done this than the Scottish giant came lumbering to their home. He bellowed for Flynn McCool, to which his wife said Flynn was out jogging laps of Ireland. The Scot then noticed the baby and began to tremble. He thought to himself, " If that be the baby, I do not want to see the size of his father!" With that thought and fear in his step he ran back across the causeway tearing it up as he went all the way back to Scotland. What we can see today is just the start of that bridge. And let me tell you, it is extremely odd. You must look up pictures of the place. It's like a giant board game with these six sided pillars all fitted exactly together. It completely blows my mind and is something that must be seen in person to truly grasp. We walked all over the causeway for an hour. From here we drove to a famous castle, Dunluce Castle, on the coast, right on the cliffs. It is said that a storm came one evening and took the edge of the cliff out. With it went the entire kitchen and staff. And you know what? We weren't allowed to go inside. We were only allowed to take pictures for about five minutes and leave! Boo. 

When we made it home we were absolutely starving. We decided to go the Fish Cafe that our host had mentioned. We seriously were starving when we walked in. When we read the menu we saw there was a regular size and a large size. Nicole and I both wanted the large, no questions asked.  Oops. You know how a large in the states is really a medium? Well a large in Ireland really means one step bigger than supersize me. We each got a fillet a foot long. The box was just big enough to hold it. It was six inches wide and two deep. Under the fish were chips! We knew we weren't finishing this meal very easily. Something they do here which I really like is they ask if you want vinegar and salt. With a yes they pour vinegar and salt over your whole meal.  Mom you might notice your mouth watering as I write this. It was so good! We ate till we were sick and then went home. Being fat and full, we checked our Internet and popped off to bed.

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