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Leaving Galway stinks!

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May 27th, 2012

Thankfully we do not have to rush to any train or plane today, and can leave on our own time. We didn't have to check out until 11am so we had a long leisurely breakfast, then laid on our bed while I wrote more blogs. When it was time to go, we went downstairs to say goodbye to our hosts on our way to the bus stop. They told us that they had been talking about what such a nice couple we were. The husband then told us that they gave us the honeymoon suite for a taste for after we get married.  I showed him my ring and said we were married already, the wife then asked if it was our honeymoon.  We said it was and they both shouted in delight! We chatted a while longer and the husband offered to give us a ride to town. Before we left, the wife was so delighted with us and being on our honeymoon, that she gave Nicole a gift of earrings. What a sweet lady! We regret leaving them as much as leaving Johnny in Italy. We had an intriguing conversation with the husband on the way to town. It was the type of cultural discussion that I love, that only ever seems to take place when I don't have enough time. Too soon he dropped us off and we had to say goodbye. 

We had a mission to accomplish before leaving Galway for good. Since our bus tickets were open ended for any time we chose, we went into town to affect our purpose. Nicole had been browsing earrings and necklaces like I said in an earlier blog. There were two pieces that she had in her mind since the first day we arrived. We joyfully walked down to the store, Nicole being ecstatic. Oh unhappy day! The store was closed! However, since it is Sunday, we knew they would open soon. It was 11:30 by this time and we wagered they would be open by 12. Sadly they were not, but another store was. We went in and looked a t necklace I really liked, but even though Nicole liked it as well, she was sad not to see the other two pieces. She said we could just get this available one and leave, but I want her to be happy. I know that if we leave now, she will regret not being able to see and know for sure. So I took her to the McDonalds, and we waited. At 1:00 the store opened and Nicole and I rushed over. It only took her a moment to choose her 1 month anniversary gift, and we headed for the train. What? What is it you ask? Well it's Irish made, and you'll just have to ask Nicole to see it :)

What a miserable 3 hour bus ride. It's 78 outside and this bus has no AC. Sweaty, sticky, and disheveled, we exited the bus in Dublin. I have a light skip to my step here too from all the happy memories from last year. Our ability to find good Irish music in Galway was not the best. I knew, however, tonight would prove to be a good memory, with good music. We walked a short distance to the Temple Bar District to our Barnacles hostel, took showers, and hit the mean streets. Though we were hungry, I knew we had to get to the good sites while there was still daylight. I took Nicole to the beautiful Christchurch and the monothic St. Patrick's cathedral. She loved them both. We then bought a few gifts and headed to dinner. We ate at a little gourmet burger shop before looking for a pub for the evening. We settled on the world famous Temple Bar. It's where Casey and I had our last evening in Dublin and the place was already packed. We got some tasty beverages and stood in the area where the musicians were playing. We stood because there was no where to sit. They were playing blistering fast traditional Irish music and I was loving it! In the Temple Bar, you are extremely lucky to find seating. It really is shoulder to shoulder. Lucky us! Someone got up from their seats right in front of us and we took them, front and center from the band. This band played a few more songs and then retired, leaving so the next group could set up. In the meanwhile, we had made friends with a girl from Wisconsin at our table, two Hollanders, and a Polish guy. We had a fun chat about Bulmers and beer. The next band took the stage and started singing songs we knew and also traditional Irish songs. At one point they played "Country Road", by John Denver.  The whole bar took up the singing. And then it hit me. Those chills when you realize that are in Ireland, listening to authentic Irish musicians, having the time of your life. I soaked it all in, and refused to let the melancholy of the knowledge that we were leaving in the morning hit me. I would trade an evening at the Bruschetteria in Rome to spend the evening in Ireland. 

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