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Momma said there would be days like this.

I'm tired.

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May 19th, 2012

I was wondering if we would have a day like today on this trip.  It all started the night before. There was a group of Italian students that had just checked into our campground. We had to be up at 4am. Insert recipe for no sleep. These students stood outside our cabin and carried on with the laughing and the yelling until 1 in the morning. This made our wake up time very miserable. We slung on our packs and went to drop off our keys.  Another hitch was met here.  Though they assured us someone was working 24 hours, no one was there.  Well I guess that's no big deal, we can just leave the keys there. However, when we tried to leave, massive gates with huge locks blocked both entrances. Oh brother. Nicole did a little scouting and found a place where we could hop the ten foot wall. I jumped, turned and caught her, and we were on our way to the train station.  Upon arrival, we found that our prepurchased tickets were not for the train, but for the bus. Sweet.  To the bus stop we go. Our bus took us the 2 and a half hours to Rome. We walked to the nearest Metro station, which was very close, and hoped our day of troubles was over. Oops, we took the metro two stops too far. And imagine that, we exited the metro area and had to purchase more tickets. We made it to our desired stop and noticed we had to catch a different train line. We searched and searched and asked directions and searched. Nothing. By this time my patience-o-meter was on empty.  I suggested we just walk. Little did I know we would have to scale another 7 million stairs, in the heat. We stopped for a Gatorade quickly and continued.  We had to be fast because we were scheduled at the Vatican for 2pm. By this time it was nearly 11. We found the street that claimed to hold our hostel, however it was not marked at all,  we walked up the block, and down the block, and up the block, and down the block. Finally, we asked a fellow who showed us a button on a wall. There were actually several buttons to many condos and suites in a building on the street.  Our hostel happened to be one of them. Thank goodness! We are tired, but we will just pop in, clean up and head out.  No again.  They didn't have our room ready for half an hour.  I figured I would pass the time on the internet.  Of course not. My iPad would not connect. Well there's nothing for it.  Let's go to our tour of the Vatican.  The hostel guy said to just go catch bus 44, get off at the last stop, and then catch another bus to the Vatican.  Forty minutes tops. Well, we could not find the bus stop. We didn't even know what it looked like.  By this time it was 1:10pm. No problem, we'll ask someone where the stop is. Just up the road? Okay. So we catch the 44 bus. Wrong direction. We travelled for 30 minutes the wrong way to the last stop as far from the vatican as you could be. Then, it leaves you and you have to sit on another bus, whose bus driver is having lunch with the engine off. 15 minutes later we are heading in the right direction. I figure since we will be so late, maybe they will let us in at the 4:00 time.  We make into the last stop, and jump off.  We have both been here before, but do not recall there ever being any other buses to take.  We did not want to give up without trying, so we did.  Alas, we could find no bus that was going to the Vatican.  Barely able to keep our eyes open, we decided to go back to our place and go to bed.  Maybe this is what God wanted for us all along, because as soon as we made this decision, everything went smoothly and we found ourselves passed out like the dead until 7:45. 

Famished when we woke up, we walked around briefly in search of a grocery place, but could not find one.  We settled on a hot dog deal, with fries and drink for 8 euro total. It tasted oh so good.  After that we finally got on the internet for a bit and resumed our much needed sleep.  I give today a grade of F+. The F is for the amount of site seeing we did, and the plus is that we at least can say we tried.

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Thanks so much for writing! It is so enjoyable to me to experience some of your travels through your writing. Thanks, Dad

It is great to here you both having an adventure making memories for a life time.

by CoachTim

Mom is reading these to me and I am able to picture being with you seeing the coast line, the never ending stairs going up and up. This is fun!

by CoachTim

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